About Osier Advanced Tree & Yard

About Osier Advanced Tree & Yard

We’re a Trusted Tree Treatment Service in the Algonquin, Naperville, IL and Greater Chicago Area

A beautiful yard starts with healthy soil. If your grass, shrubs or trees are withering and you’ve tried everything to revive them, it’s time to bring in the pros. Turn to Osier Advanced Tree & Yard for superior results.

No amount of spray can make your trees or soil healthy. We use the most advanced soil management techniques and all-natural tree treatment products to address the root cause of an unhealthy yard.

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3 Great Reasons to Hire Osier Advanced Tree & Yard

We have a large number of happy clients around the Algonquin, IL area. That’s because we offer something that no other tree care company does: customized soil and tree care services.

Need more proof? We’re the leading horticultural consultant in Algonquin, IL because:
  1. We have decades of experience. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping homeowners improve the health of their trees, gardens and lawns.
  2. We offer specialized services. We’re the only tree care company in the country that focuses on tree and soil health.
  3. We use all-natural tree treatments. Our treatments balance the minerals in the soil so your trees can recover quickly. We have also successfully eliminated infestations of emerald ash borers and other pests—without using harsh chemicals.

By relying on our soil management services year after year, you’ll soon have a yard that rivals any formal garden.

Contact us today to schedule soil or tree treatment services.