Our Tree & Lawn Care Philospohy

Our Tree & Lawn Care Philospohy

How We Approach Your Tree & Soil Health Needs in Elburn, Naperville, IL and the Greater Chicago Area

Most of our customers call when they notice disease, pests, or other signs of an unhealthy lawn. Common quick fixes include pesticides, treating the diseased area, or even completely removing the diseased tree. However, this doesn't fix the problem - it's simply a temporary bandaid masking the larger issue.

If there's something "wrong" with your yard (think gophers, weeds, bug infestation, etc.), unbalanced soil mineral levels is to blame. If your tree is sick and infested with bugs, the bugs are not the cause for the sickness; it's the sickness that is attracting the bugs! Distressed trees and plants give out distress signals, which in turn attracts the pests. Spraying will fix the symptom, but it will not actual problem itself. The bugs were not making the tree sick, because the tree was already sick. No amount of spraying pesticides and other chemicals will fix the root of the problem. Until the mineral levels are rebalanced, the issue will continue to occur.

What's our solution? Fix the issue at the root of the problem - the soil. Give us a call today to discuss your soil’s unique needs.

Dis-ease Turns Into Disease

Inbalanced soil causes problems, bottom line. A tree or plant that isn't receiving the nutrients it needs to thrive will become distressed and send out a SOS signal. This distress signal is chemically attractive to bugs, molds, fungi, and bacteria. By addressing the symptom and not the cause, many lawn care companies perpetuate a never ending cycle of sickness. 

Let's consider another common quick-fix solution: tree removal. Removing one diseased tree costs approximately $1,000; factor in the cost of planting a new one, and you've got a very costly lawn project. But here's the catch: a new tree is never going to thrive in that location because there's something wrong with the soil. Losing a large tree to disease lowers your property value; nothing can ever replace the value of a 100 year old tree. 

Luckily, Ralph with Osier Advanced Tree & Yard offers a long-term solution to your lawn's soil and health needs. He will solve the problem at the source, ensuring your yard will grow and thrive for years to come. He will come to your property, assess your soil's unique needs, and develop a gameplan that fits both your goals and your budget. Call Osier Advanced Tree & Yard today to discuss your yard's health care options.